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Winter stroller baby sleeping bag winter x-black

Highly practical, comfortable, cozy and really warm sleeping bag for babies for winter.

Made of soft, certified and waterproof polyester fabric - rain or snow resistant. 

The inside is made of high quality soft fur like fabric, called a fluffy lining, providing warmth and softness to the touch.

Drawstring hood that allows free adjustments to easily assure the warmth of the baby’s head. The hood is decorated with a soft, high-quality anti-allergic and eco-friendly faux fur, which can be easily detached.

Extra advantage -  additional material (a seam with a fold) at the bottom of this sleeping bag, so that the child can seat comfortably.

The Bellochi winter sleeping bag is suitable for 3- and 5-point seat belt system - universal.

Age: 0 to 3 years.

Dimensions: about 100x50cm

Composition: Outer and inner fabric: 100% polyester

The outer side of the sleeping bag is the highest quality, waterproof polyester.
The inside – where the baby is placed – is a soft and very pleasant to the touch fur knitwear.
The bag is filled with anti-allergic, fluffy silicone non-woven fabric.
Eco-friendly fur.

More information: 

The sleeping bag is super easy to care for and clean.
With smaller spots we recommend that you use wet cloth to wipe the surface.
1. wash at 30C in automatic washing machine, hand wash cycle, light spinning;
2. use delicate detergents,
3. do not bleach.



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Information about shipping costs will be sent by email after receiving the order.


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